I'd Rather be Camping

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★★★ About: Decal is made from high grade self adhesive matte vinyl. It is very durable and is water and oil proof. It can hold for up to 5 years. ★★★ Sizes: Please do check sizes page for information about your desired size. If those options doesn't suit you, contact me, we can make a custom size. ★★★ Application: First of all, double check if the surface is clean and even. Your sticker has a protective transparent layer in front of the decal and a paper backing. Peel the paper backing away from the decal slowly and carefully. Be sure that the sticker stays on the transparent layer. Carefully position your decal on the desired surface. Apply it from one corner to another. If you got any air bubbles in the process use a credit card or a ruler or any straight and hard object to flatten any air bubbles underneath the decal. Never leave air bubbles underneath your decal because it will come off much faster. Slowly remove the transparent layer from your decal. This process must be done slowly and carefully. Enjoy. ★★★ Shipping: After payment is made, it takes up to 3 days to make the decal. After product is perfected, it gets shipped to various locations around the world. Shipping to U.S. takes around 3 weeks to arrive, same with other countries outside European Union.
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